Monday, November 30, 2009


I don't always wake up when he leaves.

I try, don't get me wrong, but I'm just not a morning person. I curse the fact that I wasn't born with the 'ol "up and at 'em" morning genes like my firefighter grandfather was.

I remember visiting my grandparent's house on the weekends, where my grandparents had separate bedrooms. I always thought maybe they didn't like each other so much but as I grew older and slightly more observant, I knew that they liked each other plenty...but my grandfather was an early bird and my grandmother was a night owl. Hence, the separate rooms.

I suspect this was the case earlier in their marriage too, when my grandfather was an active firefighter, responding to calls and leaving for shifts at the earliest of early hours. Just like my husband does now.

Although I'm the lightest sleeper on the planet (just ask my kids, they'll tell you I wake at the sound of a Kleenex dropping) I tend to be in the deepest part of my sleep pattern when Brett is leaving for his around 6:15am. And even though I know that he kisses me and tells me he loves me, I panic when I can't remember or didn't wake up enough for it to even register in my conscious mind. And then I have to call him at the station and make sure he's okay, before getting on with my day.

This morning he came in bearing gifts though.

Of the 6 year old girl variety.

Our daughter had woken up when her Dad came into her room to kiss her goodbye. And I'm not talking the drowsy kind of waking up that is easy to fall back asleep from. I'm talking about eyes wide open, rearing to go, fully awake.

So he brought her into the bed with me.

Which caused me to wake up.

And since I was awake, I got to kiss him goodbye and actually REMEMBER!

Ah...what a concept.

How do you say goodbye to your firefighter when he leaves for shift? Do you get up and see him out the door, or are you like me, lazily slumbering in bed just waiting to be told "goodbye" to?


  1. During the weekdays, our alarms are set for right around the same time, so we alternate hitting snooze once or twice ;) Then it's up & at 'em, where we both get ready for our day. He leaves 20 minutes before me so I give him a hug & a kiss as he walks out the door.

    But on the weekends? I typically roll over and snuggle with him for a minute or two, then fall back asleep until he comes in to give me a hug & a kiss & say goodbye.

    I'm trying REALLY hard, though, to be a good wife & get up with him & make his coffee and a quick bite to eat. It's just so hard when I don't *have* to be up!

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  3. My hubby's an on call FF at the moment so I don't have the regular goodbyes for that, for his other job yes but I'm a morning person. I'm a pretty light sleeper too so when that pager goes off at 3am I am up. Those rare instances though that I barely notice and he jumps out of bed and takes off and I don't remember saying "I love you, be careful" cause me to panic a little.