Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mothers Day Hints for Firefighters

If the men in your life are anything like mine, they don't know the difference between a Le Cruset and a "Tarjay." In other words, girly girl gifts escape him.

My friend's husband buys her purses for birthdays and holidays. And nice purses too. I am in awe of how he does it, as I have no knowledge of him employing the help of any female to get the job done. It's a mystery...

Not that I'm complaining but if my husband bought me a purse, I would likely receive something cammo or canvas. And it would be multi-functional and probably have thousands of carabeeners and pockets because every woman needs a purse that can double as a survival tent, right?

So this year, to make his job a little easier I'm going to direct him to the fabulous shop over at Firefighters Wives. Basically, all he has to do is blindfold himself and point at something on the screen. It's a no brainer!